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If you're like most owners of horse businesses, chances are you spend more time in the saddle, in the arena, or on the business end of a muck fork than you do in front of your computer. While this helps to guarantee that your products, services and customer service are second to none, it doesn't leave many hours for you to focus on growing your business through marketing.

Randi Thompson - How to Market Your Horse BusinessIn 2010, How to Market Your Horse Business was created on Facebook. It is dedicated to helping horse business owners connect with others in the industry, exchange ideas, and together, work toward the success of their businesses.  How to Market Your Horse Business was founded by 35-year industry veteran Randi Thompson, who successfully built and marketed the Horse and Rider Awareness program. Her techniques are now used by clinicians and instructors around the globe, and her own success inspired Thompson to help others achieve the same results through the use of social media and Internet marketing.

How to Market Your Horse Business now has more than 7,500 followers on Facebook and has received many accolades and awards for the tips and advice on marketing, networking, SEO, social media marketing and promotions that it provides.  These include winning the prestigious 2012 Social Media Examiners Top 10 Facebook Business Page, being featured as "9 Businesses Doing Facebook Right",  "5 Facebook Pages We All Aspire to" from Social Cycle, "Top 10 Facebook Designs to Inspire You" from Jeff Bullas, a Finalist in Mari Smith’s Great Facebook Timeline Cover Contest and "Top 10 Most Informative" from the Equestrian Social Media Awards.  The success of the techniques shared by How to Market Your Horse Business has spread into the much larger world of social media. As a result, business owners of every kind from around the world are now also finding more effective ways to market their business as a result.

 The amazing success of How to Market Your Horse Business shows that Thompson doesn't just understand the horse industry; she is also a pro when it comes to marketing, promotions, and social media marketing Now you can now benefit from her knowledge and skills through a variety of services, including:

  • The HTMYHB Success Club, a monthly membership program that gives you access to exclusive tips and tricks on select topics
  • Facebook Audits to determine how well your social media presence is working for your business and isolate areas where you could improve
  • Facebook and Social Media Setup to launch effective, engaging profiles on the biggest social media sites
  • Marketing and Social Media Strategy Coaching to help you develop and implement a plan that will produce real results
  • Educational teleseminars, webinars and live presentations on social media marketing topics
  • Informative products to help you grow your business
  • Speaker's services for those looking for a professional speaker at their events, both inside and outside the horse world.
  • Randi Thompson is available as a Horse Industry Legal Expert Witness and Consultant

With social media marketing, How to Market Your Horse Business provides any business owner what they need to succeed with its many marketing products and service that are proven to work.

For more information about How to Market Your Horse Business, contact Randi today, and don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook.  You can contact Randi through our contact form or at:

Randi Thompson at a conference in Las Vegas

Awards and Accolades

Equestrian Social Media Awards  

Winner of the prestigious 2012
Social Media Examiner's
Top 10 Facebook Business Page

Top 10 Finalist, Great Facebook
Timeline Cover Contest

Mari Smith

9 Businesses Doing Facebook Right
Social Media Examiner

Top 10 Facebook Designs to Inspire You
Jeff Bullas

5 Facebook Pages We All Aspire To
Social Cycle

Top 10 Most Informative
Equestrian Social Media Awards

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